American apparel label mock up

American Apparel shirts and colors

All the shirt templates are American Apparel branded and include all official colors

picture of photoshop layers

Organized layers

The background, hangar, shirt, label, and colors are all on different layers

detailed picture of a tshirt

Super high resolution

If you need a higher resolution just drop us an email, they're really big files

photo of a multi colored tank top

Custom colors

Create your own colors using the Photoshop hue/saturation slider or stick to the official colors included

picture of front of a tshirt and the back

Front and back included

Both sides of the shirt are included in each PSD, along with a light and a dark variant

picture of custom label on a tshirt

Edit the label

You can hide the label, replace it with your own label, or use the default label

AA 2102

4 unique templates
The classic womens t-shirt and the most popular womens shirt, features 4 unique templates along with 45 official color variations.
Download - $14.99

AA 6301

4 unique templates

Very similar to the 2102 shirt (it's just made of different materials). Package includes 4 templates (front and back) and all 9 official colors.

Download - $14.99

AA 2001

4 unique templates
Template includes 4 unique mockups (including front and back) of this mens fine jersey short sleeve t-shirt and all official 50 colors.
Download - $14.99

AA TR401

4 unique templates
Mockups includes a total of 4 bespoke templates (including front and back) of this triblend shirt from american apparel including all 9 colors.
Download - $14.99

AA TR301

4 unique templates
This tri-blend shirt comes in all 9 official colors and includes both the front and the back of the template.
Download - $14.99

AA TR308

4 unique templates
Featuring the unique Tri-Blend fabric this package includes 4 unique templates with front and the back of the shirts.
Download - $14.99

All templates bundle

24 unique templates
This bundle includes all the shirt templates available on this website at a significant discount. It includes 6 templates: 2001, 2102, 6301, tr 301, tr 308, tr 401.
Download - $29.99

How to create a custom shirt in less than a minute

This video goes through the features of the PSD and shows you how easy it is to overlay your own logo on a blank t-shirt

Vector like quality

Each clothing template has up to a 15 megapixels to work with and razor sharp edges. The shirt quality rivals all vector tshirt templates. (Default resolution is 6 megapixels, email us for high res files).
super high resolution tshirt picture

All the colors

Customize the templates to any color you’d like. All official (c) American Apparel colors are included in their own layer. By default all shirts come in black and white.

differnt color tank tops

Realistic textures including labels

Shot with professional grade Nikon glass you can see every fibre and thread with the shirt. Every template includes a blank label, original label, and no label.

blank t-shirt tempalate

Blank Shirts

The shirt template also includes a plain blank shirt with no labels and no hanger so you can let your shirt design do the talking.

shirt tempalate with a hanger

Shirts on a hanger

Each t-shirt comes with it's own hanger layer in Photoshop that can easily be removed by hiding or deleting the layer.

blank t-shirt tempalate with a blank label

Custom labels

If you have your own custom label or want to add a small personal touch to your template you can use this blank label to put your logo on.

blank t-shirt template with original label

Original labels

All of the downloads include the option to use the original label the shirt came from on a seperate label. All you have to do is make the layer visible in Photoshop.

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